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  1. Photo 2:The Somnath Temple (Gujarati:સોમનાથ મંદિર) located in the Prabhas Kshetra near Veraval in Saurashtra, on the western coast of Gujarat, India, is one of the twelve Jyotirlinga shrines of the God Shiva. Somnath means "The Protector of (the) Moon God". The Somnath Temple is known as "the Shrine Eternal", having been destroyed six times and rebuilt six times. Most recently it was rebuilt in November 1947, when Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel visited the area for the integration of Junagadh and mooted a plan for restoration. After Patel's death, the rebuilding continued under K. M. Munshi, another minister of the Government of India.

  2. Photo 3: Kankai is a holy place situated in the middle of Gir National Park in Gujarat, India. Thousands of pilgrims visited this place every year.

    In the heart of the jungle, 50 km from Sasan Gir, there is a shrine to Kankai Mata, the benefactor of the shepherds of Gir forest. A supremely wild place, here one can hear lions roar at night and animals gathering at the nearby lake.

    A gaushala (cowshed where cows and buffaloes are taken care of) is near the temple premises. The temple trust has built rooms so tourists and devotees can rest or stay for night and can have food.

    The Shingavada River flows close to the temple. Sometimes visitors can see lions near the temple or near the river as it's an open habitat for lions, second only to Africa.[citation needed]

    Banej is the nearby religious place one can visit, around 15 km from Shree Kankai Temple. This is a very famous place surrounded by trees, wild animals and nature.

    The Indian mega-epic Mahabharata's famous character Arjuna comes alive here so this place is famous because of him. Once traveling through this forest, Pandavas gets thirsty and Arjuna uses his bow to discover water from the earth. There is a Mahadev temple here called 'Banej'.

    The main temple is "Shri Kankeshwari Mataji" also known as "Shri Kankai Mataji". Kankai Maa is considered as Kuldevi (most worshiped goddess). In many Gujarati castes such as Brahmans (e.g., uneval Brahmans), Bhadreshwaras (Vanza), Vaishya Suthars which includes padhiyars and some other castes.

    There is a small temple behind Kankai Maa's temple, one of Mataji's brother's temple, called Bhudarjee Bapa's temple

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  3. Photo 4-5: Tulsishyam is located across border of Amreli district and Junagadh district in the Gir forest national park region of Gujarat state. It is 45 km from Dhari (Dist-Amreli) and 35 km from Una city (Dist-Junagadh). It is very well connected with both cities. There is an ancient temple of Lord Vishnu-Lord Shyam. Legend says that Lord Krishna eliminated the demon called Tul and so the place is associated with his name along with that of Krishna as Shyam and is thus called Tulsishyam. The idol of Lord Tulsishyam is said to be 3000 years old. It is made up of black stone. There is a hot sulphur sprint near the temple that is believed to have curative powers.

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